Sunday, February 26, 2012

Shin Ramyun BLACK

Everyone eats ramen. I mean, at some low point in your life, I'm sure you've had it for dinner, at 3am, or all too often. It's nothing to be ashamed about; I grew up with instant noodles as a Saturday night treat, and it was the only food that my dad knew how to prepare. Furthermore, growing up near K-town, I would  sometimes go to my corner Korean deli and order a ramyun. Yes, I pay for someone to cook a Shin Ramyun for me. Anyways, Shin is definitely my ramen of choice, closely followed by the Nissin instant noodle (note: NOT Cup Noodle) with the original soup flavor and sesame oil. 

I recently noticed a Shin Ramyun Black, and I had to buy it because I needed to understand the difference  between that and the original. The only difference from the all-red packaging is that it says "BLACK." Later when I paid, I also realized it costs twice as much as the original, at $1.79 a pack.  

Shin Ramyun Black is actually the premium line and it comes with the spicy broth base, a garlic and beef bone broth, and the dried green onion and beef pieces. WARNING: this ramyun is not vegetarian friendly. 

Compared to the original, I don't think it's worth twice the price. The soup definitely had more depth than the original, but it was a bit less spicy, and it leaves you with a sense of longing for the original spicy soup base. Still good, though. I wish I had a slice of American cheese to melt in it!   


  1. Linda- I love your food posts!

    And this is very...very true. hahaha!

    - Patty

  2. Where can i find this in chinatown nyc. can you give me a specific name of the grocery

    1. I've seen this at Tokyo Mart, but you can pretty much get this in any grocery store now that sells instant noodles. You should also try HMart on 32nd Street between 5th and Broadway.

    2. Hong Kong Supermarket in chinatown on Hester Street. Or you can try all the H-Marts in NY. The only one I know of is on 32nd street between broadway and 5th Avenue.

  3. do you know if i can find it in chinatown?