Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy Valentine's Day! In honor of this highly publicized holiday, I will post about one of my favorite dessert places in Manhattan, Chikalicious. If you ever leave dinner in the East Village still hungry, do not hesitate to head to E 10th Street for a sweet fix (or if you're a girl and that extra dessert compartment in that stomach of yours is empty, this is the place to go).

They have prix fixe dessert menus that come with an amuse, a choice of seasonal desserts, and petit fours for $16. For $8 more, there is also a wine pairing available. Everything is prepared by the owner and his wife. The owner looks over the finances, the drinks, and the espresso machine, while the wife bakes, makes ice creams, and gently smiles at her customers. Her menu is creative, modern, original, and refreshing. How many places do you go to that will serve you a three-course dessert?

The space is extremely intimate, and you'll be lucky to get a seat. Also keep in mind that it is only opened on Thursday through Sunday (I went on a Tuesday night once, saddest day ever... then I walked to Veniero's #crisisaverted). Definitely worth a trip and the taste.

Have a very sweet day!

Fromage blanc island "cheese cake"

Selection of petits fours

203 E 10th Street 
New York, NY 10003

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