Thursday, January 8, 2015

J.G. Melon

Over the break, Doug and I made plans to go to J.G. Melon for some burgers. I told him it was my favorite burger in New York, which is quite a claim to make, so I was nervous that it wouldn't meet his expectations. But who was I kidding? It's my favorite burger for a reason.

We got there around 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon and the joint was packed. But they're trying to work a quick turnover rate, so they move people in and out of there pretty quickly. We got seated within 20 minutes (even though they told us 45 minutes to an hour wait), and I got my cheeseburger with cottage fries and a diet Coke (way overpriced with no refills).

And let me tell ya how delicious my burger was. First bite, and I totally remembered why J.G. Melon is my favorite burger joint in town. It was medium rare, unbelievably juicy, and it all just finished too fast. It's not a gourmet burger and you really can't customize it beyond how you want it cooked. It's just simple and mouthwateringly good. Always worth the trip to the Upper East Side.

J.G. Melon
1291 Third Avenue
New York, NY 

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