Saturday, January 31, 2015

Estiatorio Milos

Wow, I guess work has really caught up with me. I haven't found the time to post in close to two weeks. Regardless, I've still found the time to eat well of course.

Over Christmas in New York, I had one of the most delicious things in my life when I ate at Milos. It was a crustacean from Spain that was basically a giant shrimp. I cut its head off from its body and all its juices spilled out. I tasted it, and it was the sweetest I've ever had. 0 to 100, real quick. If all soups tasted like this, the world would be a better place. I can assure you that I did suck the shell and head of all its juices, and I had to practice a lot of self control to not let myself lick the plate clean. 

Other Milos highlights: 
  • Their crusty bread is served with extra virgin olive oil and lots of fresh oregano. 
  • Their Greek salad uses ample amounts of vine-ripened tomatoes paired with barrel-aged feta. 
  • Their portions are large and meant to be shared. 
  • You can choose your own seafood from the display. A lot of the fish is imported from the Mediterranean.
  • I chose a whole white fish from Spain to share that was grilled with olive oil, lemon, and capers.  
  • The restaurant is spacious with very high ceilings and spotted with large white canvas umbrellas. Yup, welcome to a Greek island oasis in Midtown. 
  • Who doesn't love baklava? 

Estiatorio Milos
122 W 55th Street
New York, NY

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