Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sam Adams Brewery Tour and Doyle's Cafe, Boston

I am perhaps the farthest thing from a beer expert, but when Fukuko visited me from Tokyo (shabu, raw foods), we decided to venture out to Jamaica Plain for Boston's Sam Adams Brewery Tour. For everyone graduating in the greater Boston area within the next few weeks, this is a spot in to seriously consider visiting before heading back home!

The tour is free with a suggested $2 donation, and you get a free mini glass to sample the original Boston Lager, their seasonal brew, and whatever they're testing out at the moment. With so many perks, why wouldn't you stop by? (Only downside -- you have to be 21+ to try anything, otherwise it's not too exciting.) At the beginning of the tour, you get an entire spiel on the brewing process and you even get to try and smell malted barley and hops. (Did you know that hops are actually flowers?) When we visited, most of the brewery was under construction, so we did not get much instruction on the tanks and all, but we did get to go straight to the tasting. In addition to the Boston Lager and the delightfully refreshing summer ale, we were able to taste test their citrus ale. Our guides don't think it will make it on the shelf, which is a shame because it was a crisp beer that I would've definitely grabbed for any upcoming summer time barbecue.  

After the tour, we were highly encouraged to take the free party trolley to the neighborhood Doyle's, which was the first bar to ever serve Sam Adams. Furthermore, if you show your tour pass at Doyle's after you order a Sam Adams, you get to keep the especially developed Sam Adams glass for free! Have you ever heard of so many upsides?? Anyways, I've never had a more passionate driver or met someone who was more obsessed with Boston. He adamantly insisted that we tried the lobster roll, the Reuben with sweet potato fries, and the clam chowder at Doyle's. I also learned from him that the Sam Adams 26.2 brew is only served at bars along the Boston marathon path and of course at Doyle's.  

Because Fukuko and I had a gigantic brunch at Paramount, we could not stuff down a lobster roll or Reuben, but we did get an enormous heap of garlic fries. Doyle's has a charming old tavern feel, for the bar, booths, and floors were all wooden and it's decked out with posters and advertisements dating back to the late 19th century. Now that I can navigate Jamaica Plain, I know I will be returning to Doyle's for an actual meal with a Sam Adams Red Brick or 26.2! 

This is what a hop looks like!

Our guides explaining how to taste the beer with different parts of  the tongue. 

Our free glasses filled with Boston Lager

Outside Doyle's

Delicious garlic fries served with honey mustard

Sam Adams Brewery
30 Germania St.
Boston, MA 02130

Doyle's Cafe
3484 Washington St
Boston, MA 02130

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