Tuesday, May 7, 2013

James Hook + Co., Boston

Today is the most perfect spring day I have had all semester, and the timing could not have been better because I took my last final today. And yes, that means I am officially done with my masters degree! Pushing my recently mastered food policy and nutrition knowledge aside, Doug and I (double Jumbos for life!) decided to go for a lobster roll lunch. Well, we really wanted to get something from the food trucks at Dewey Square, but the warm sunny weather had all the Financial District people out for lunch too. We took a walk from Chinatown to the Waterfront, which was a lot more scenic than I remember (by scenic I mean corporations took the money to pot flowers and do some landscaping). 

A regular sized lobster roll and San Pellegrino soda --the only I dare drink. 

Roughly speaking, James Hook can be described as a shack sitting in a pier side lot surrounded by modern skyscrapers. Upon entering the shack, a salty and fishy smell overwhelms you, but not as much as the refrigerators filled with lobster ravioli and lump crab meat or their tanks filled with gargantuan lobsters. Once you get over all the olfactory and visual bombardment, you'll perhaps notice the crowd of people all dressed in suits by the front counter ordering lunch. Doug and I went for two regular sized lobster rolls ($14 each) and he also got a clam chowder. 

Luckily, we were able to snag a picnic in the lot to enjoy our seaside lunch. The clam chowder was addictive, for I could not resist going back for spoonful after spoonful. It wasn't too thick, and I approve of the relatively high clam to  potato ratio. 

My favorite kind of lobster rolls are those that are most simple. Forget the celery and the lettuce. Lobster with a bit of butter and mayonnaise does the trick! It was served on a deliciously toasted white hot dog bun, and I am delighted to say that it was overflowing with lobster chunks. 

Fun fact: the last time I graduated from Tufts, I also celebrated with a lobster roll meal

Nutrition + dental students drinking soda. Who gives? 

You can't tell, but that claw is about two of my forearms.

Just in case you need some souvenirs!

James Hook + Co.
15-17 Northern Avenue
Boston, MA 02110

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