Monday, December 3, 2012

Brunch at Paramount, Boston

Sorry it's been awhile! Took quite a break after my Thanksgiving because I'm now heading into finals season for my last first semester at nutrition school! So to get everything back into full gear, I'm going to start with a post about my favorite meal of the day: brunch. 

Situated in the quaint, brick-laden neighborhood of Beacon Hill, Paramount is a well known neighborhood hot spot on weekend mornings. They have an order before you find a table policy, which actually pretty much always guarantees you a seat. However, I would recommend going for a very late brunch (as in after 1:30pm) because though there will be a table waiting for you if you go at normal brunch hours, you will still be doing a lot of waiting in line to order your meal. 

Since I do head there kind of late, I'm always tempted to order their lunch items, but I have yet to because breakfast is always preferred when available*. But yet again, I face the timeless dilemma of sweet vs. savory (note: SoundBites, Balthazar). However, Paramount has the solution for you (and your hangover) with the Hangover Special, which comes with eggs, sausage or bacon, toast, pancakes, and home fries.

For those who are more partisan, there is definitely ample selections of both. For sweet, I've had chocolate chip banana pancakes before, which were good, but not great. I could've used more chocolate chips, and their pancake batter is a bit on the cakey-side. 

They also have the usual breakfast sandwich choices, but if you are going breakfast sandwich, you might as well make a trip to Magnificent

My favorite by far (as in it is past 11pm, yet I am still so itching for this right now...), are the "huevos rancheros Mexican breakfast." It comes with two fried eggs, tomato -chili salsa (not unlike what you find on a Spanish omelet), sliced avocado, and grilled corn tortilla. However, I'm not the biggest fan of grilled corn tortillas, so I opted for the challah roll instead, which turned out to be the best decision ever. Can't wait to go back for this. 

Though many Bostonians find this place to be overrated, you must admit that if it's close to you, it's worth the walk. I don't know if I'd come here if I had an actual commute, but for my travelling distance, the food is hearty, and the digestive walk after brunch around Beacon Hill is always enjoyable. 

Hangover breakfast and huevos rancheros Mexican breakfast

Sausage egg and cheese on an English muffin

Chocolate chip banana pancakes

Leslie: Why would anyone eat anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food?
Ron: People are idiots, Leslie.

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