Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Neptune Oyster

I'm trying to post more about Boston now that I am living here, and there's no better place to begin than with Neptune Oyster, a must-visit staple in the North End. 

I visited last Spring with my family on my final day as a resident at Tufts University, and had what I thought was a very memorable meal that was quite representative of local faire.  

My mom ordered the lobster salad, which was a very simple and refreshing choice (though I don't think this is on the menu anymore.) 

My grandmother and I both ordered the infamous Maine Lobster Roll which you can choose to have with hot butter or cold mayo. 

This was a very very solid lobster roll. Unlike typical lobster rolls I've had in Boston, it wasn't made like tuna salad with lots of mayo/lettuce/cucumber. It was just very fresh succulent lobster tossed in butter. Many times, simple is better. 

Neptune is a tiny restaurant with probably only about twenty seats. They don't take reservations, so I suggest going early on a week day if you want to have a comfortable meal without waiting for too long.
Next time I will definitely try the Neptune Burger, a cheeseburger with fried oysters and garlic mayo.

Neptune Oyster
63 Salem Street
Boston, MA 02113


  1. cheeseburger with fried oysters and garlic mayo? do the oysters replace the beef or is there beef in there too?