Thursday, September 20, 2012

Amsterdam Falafel Shop, Davis Square

I was pretty skeptical at first. I mean, "inspired by the falafel shops throughout Amsterdam"... is falafel a thing there?? I don't know; it seems pretty questionable. But let me assure you that this place is legit. 

I previously wrote a not so flattering Yelp review on Falafel King, and I've had a few conversations recently about my expectations versus the reality of the falafel industry. In short, the few falafel joints in the Boston area that I frequent always leave something to be desired (Falafel Corner, Pita Kabab, Harvest, Thinking Cup, Oleana). I always go in ready for some fresh, crispy, aromatic mashed chickpea balls, only to be disappointed with dry, mediocre, flavorless chickpea mush. But it should be simple, no? So I still keep at eating falafel and expecting more. 

And then I went to Amsterdam Falafel Shop. Their falafel are balled and fried fresh, and you can choose to have it in a white/wheat pita or in a salad bowl. Their pita is not those large tasteless wraps, they're the breadier pocket types that I prefer (points for that!). Then comes the generous topping bar, where you can pile on as many toppings as you want for a flat price. Not a bad deal at all! I crushed my falafel balls and then went in for the baba, hummus, yogurt dill, pickled cabbage, parsley and garlic, and garlic cream sauce. Man was that a delicious combination. I'm still thinking about it. For all of you who have spent months and year searching for that crunchy mouthwatering falafel ball, don't search past Davis Square. Only con: I'm used to having falafel as a fast food. Though I appreciate the freshness, those balls took a tad too long to fry. 

Oh, they also have Dutch fries and mayo. So Amsterdam. 

Warning: you will have falafel burps for hours on end after eating here

Amsterdam Falafel Shop
248 Elm Street
Somerville, MA 02144

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