Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What I ate at Six Flags; Funnel Cake

I guess this isn't a real post because 1. I'm not telling you where to get the best funnel cakes in the world, 2. I don't teach you how to make funnel cakes, and 3. This is going to be a very malinformed and biased post. But I just really want some dessert right now and I can't seem to get myself out of bed. ...Don't judge me. 

Anyways. Here is my ode to funnel cake. Funnel cake is one of those treats that pretty much everyone enjoys. Why is that? Is it the fried loopy maze of crispy doughy goodness? The endless flurries of powdered sugar? The nostalgia? 

I had two of them a few weeks ago at Six Flags. Were they always $8.50 each? Whatever. It was freshly prepared (I guess the oil might not have been fresh...), mouth wateringly delicious, and so worth it. 

Traditionally a state fair food, I only now ever get to consume it at amusement parks or street fairs. Yes, you heard it here first: I LOVE FUNNEL CAKE. But would I still love it as much if it were accessible whenever and not only at the happiest places on earth? Thoughts? Don't you want one now? With a frozen lemonade? 

Happy end of summer and first week of school! 

Six Flags Great Adventure's El Toro

How it's done


A groundhog enjoying a waffle fry while I eat my funnel cake (true life)

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