Friday, December 2, 2011

Thinking Cup, Boston

Lucky me, my neighborhood coffee shop is Thinking Cup. It's has a cozy cafe atmosphere and is located directly across the street from the Boston Common. I wish I had more time to actually sit there and relax, but I've only had a sit-down breakfast there once with my cousin, Tony. I usually order a sandwich or coffee on the go. 

Thinking Cup is known for their latte art designs, and I must say, I was very impressed. I got lattes on two different occasions and the same strapping coffee baristo served me. 

Hazelnut latte: 

Better choice, cinnamon honey latte: (so much work for a to-go latte!)

They have weekly special lunch sandwiches, such as barbecue chicken, sesame toasted tofu, or grilled cheese with green apple and bacon. 
I tried two of their specials. The one photographed below is their grilled eggplant with a goat cheese spread and sprouts. It was a light and refreshing fall-time sandwich. I have also had their baked falafel with a dill yogurt spread, which was not as enjoyable for the falafel was very dry, kind of brittle, and overall flavorless. 

I really like their choice of mini sandwiches that are served on small baguettes. Their tuna is quite good, and I can't wait to try their apricot and goat cheese sandwich. (Their iced coffee is okay, sometimes it just tastes like bitter dirt. Stick to their espressos.) 

I ordered a grilled cheese once. Don't get a grilled cheese there. It's just slices of American cheese. Not too exciting. So I went home and added my own arugula. 

I have something against eating wraps, and their only hot breakfast "sandwich" is a breakfast burrito. I asked if I could have the eggs with spinach and peppers on their cranberry bread instead, and they were very flexible with alterations. 

Other random things I've tried but would probably never get again: white chocolate cranberry cookie, chocolate eclair. Their cookie was very buttery, yet it was missing an element of crispiness. Their eclair was satisfying, but it wasn't necessarily a deliciously made one. Their zucchini bread was quite good though, and I wouldn't mind going back to try their other breads. 

All in all, I go here quite often and this is definitely a place I'd recommend for a quick bite or an afternoon pick me up. 

Thinking Cup
165 Tremont Street
Boston, MA

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