Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chili lime fried rice

What do you do when life gives you leftover rice? Make fried rice of course!

I tried out Michael’s family’s recipe recently because it sounded quite interesting and something I haven’t tasted before. Instead of my usual ginger, garlic, and scallion, it has a tomato base and is topped with fresh lime juice. Sounds yummy already, right?

Chili lime fried rice
3-4cups cooked white rice (preferably not freshly cooked)
2 hot peppers, chopped
1 bundle of scallion, diced
5 cloves of garlic, minced
2 tomatoes, chopped
1 package Chinese sausage, diced
4 eggs, beaten
3 tbs cooking oil 
3-4tbs Maggi seasoning or dark soy sauce
3 tbs Chiu Chow chili oil (or chili oil of your choice, but this is pure crack)
1 tsp sesame oil
3 limes, cut into wedges
  1. Heat cooking oil with garlic, hot peppers, and scallion. Once browned, throw in tomatoes and stir lightly until stew-like.
  2. Add in sausage and rice. Mix well.
  3. Once rice is sizzling, add the Maggi/soy sauce and chili oil. Mix until the colors are even.
  4. Then fold in the eggs until thoroughly cooked (unless you prefer your fried rice a bit wet, then remove from heat earlier).
  5. Drizzle on the sesame oil and stir fry until crispy.
  6. Serve with extra chili oil and fresh limes. 

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