Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I was really craving a grilled cheese on Saturday morning, so my brother and I decided to grab brunch at Artisanal, our neighborhood French bistro and fromagerie. However, they are now only open for brunch on Sundays, so we ended up heading to another neighborhood French bistro, Le Halles. But I am still fantasizing about a grilled cheese, so I'm sharing with you now the last brunch I had at Artisanal.

My mom ordered the petite plateaux, which came with an assortment of four cheeses, cured meat, sliced fruits and nuts. Artisanal is known for their premium cheese selection, and I mean hey, they even have LA CAVE specifically for cheese storage (or a small dinner party), so I definitely recommend getting anything cheese related here (do you... fondue?).

My brother got the fish and frites, which was random, but I must say that their frites are solid. Crispy French fried goodness.

I indulged with the Frenchie, a grilled cheese with brie, mushrooms, and black truffle. I had the soup/salad/sandwich combo, so I also got a fish soup, which is one of my favorites. I’m all for grilled cheeses and tomato soups, but this was a combination that I’d go for again.
If you're looking for a classy French bistro that isn't always unnecessarily packed like Balthazar, then this is the place for you. I've been here for dinner a few times, including for Christmas Eve, and their seafood tower and fondue selections are delectable.

Come to think of it, I think I'll go for a grilled cheese and tomato soup right now. Too bad I'm not near Artisanal!

Petite plateaux
Fish and frites
The Frenchie with organic greens and fish soup

2 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10016


  1. I'm not gonna hate on the fish soup; i think it has its place. However, i have to admit that i was indeed taken by surprise by your soup choice. I assumed you would go for your classic tomato.

    If you're going to talk about ypur fish soup choice, don't leave a brotha hanging! What kind of fish?
    Were portion sizes adequate?

    P.S. Where's the avocado???

    1. Hey Kwog,

      Artisanal unfortunately doesn't have the classic tomato soup, hence I sprung for the the fish one! French fish soup is usually tomato based, and I'm guessing is made with some sort of white fish.

      Since it was a salad, soup, and sandwich, the portions were a half sandwich and small soup. I can't really eat more than that early in the morning anyways.

      No avocado this time! But there was black truffle :)