Monday, June 4, 2012

Madison Square Eats

In the past few years, Madison Square Park has really stepped up and has been hosting regular events including this one, which invites many local vendors and businesses to open shop on Fifth Avenue for a month. This past Friday was the last day for this year's Madison Square Eats, and I finally had the time to stand in the long lines to grab a few quick bites. I didn't get to try much, but the few things I did have I definitely enjoyed: 

(photographed below): I've been reading about their fried pizza for awhile, but I finally got to try it. It looked quite underwhelming when it was finally ready, but one bite into it, I totally got it. It was crunchy on the outside, and doughy and chewy on the inside. Seriously a treat!

Calexico: They're known for their Cal-Mex street food, and yeah, they are known. There was a long line and wait for this one, and even though I'm not a fan of corn tortillas, their carne asada taco was quite delicious. 

People's Pops: What's not to like about popsicles? They had a great flavor line up including strawberry ginger, raspberry sour cherry, and blueberry apricot. I would definitely get the blueberry apricot again. 

Eataly's fried pizzette

Next time this is hosted, I would definitely stop by again. It's a great central location to meet up with friends, though it does get a bit crowded. I wouldn't recommend coming here if you're in a rush because lines do get long!

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