Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bistro Truck and Wafels & Dinges

As a City Harvest summer intern, I was invited to their annual company picnic last Friday. It was a day of mini golf, Afro-Carib music, and many other festivities out at Randall's Island (before the sky decided to open up and display its wrath). One of the highlights of the day was that our lunch and dessert were catered by food trucks! 

I started off having a marinated hangar steak sandwich at the Bistro Truck. The Bistro Truck is a Morroccan-owned, Meditteranean and North African inspired food truck, serving sandwiches and sides. The steak sandwich was made to order, so there was a bit of waiting for it. It was served with field greens and a spicy mayo spread. I also had the fried veggies, which actually weren't as fried as I expected (see photo below... thank God, because I also just stuffed myself with fried chicken), yet delicious nonetheless. However, the best part was the Moroccan Mint Tea. It's an extremely refreshing mint iced tea that is slightly sweetened; perfect for a day outdoors. 

I wish I got to try the Old Bay fried tilapia and the almond couscous --that was a really popular combination!  

So let me tell you that I love Liège waffles. Compared to regular waffles or the popular Belgian waffle, Liège waffles are denser, sweeter, and are made from an adaptation of brioche bread dough. No wonder I like Liège waffles more... brioches are for certain up there in my top 5 favorite breads of all time.

Given all this, I don't know why I haven't tried Wafels & Dinges yet. My brother kept telling me that it was really good and that I would like it, but I finally got to try it for myself this past weekend.

I ordered a WMD (wafel of massive deliciousness... which just means unlimited dinges/ their toppings) with spekuloos, strawberries, bananas, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream.

What is spekuloos you ask? If you ask the food truckers, you'll hear one of several responses that may or may not include, "it tastes like your first kiss" or "it tastes like cool rain on a hot summer day." In addition to all those things, their spekuloos spread also tastes like caramelized ginger bread cookie.

How did it taste? Dude. I ate it with such gusto that my coworkers sitting on either side of me were definitely judging me hardcore. But hey, it was super yummy!

I can't wait to make a stop at one of their trucks in Manhattan.

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