Sunday, January 1, 2012

2nd Ave Deli

Since I was in elementary school, my grandmother would bring home packages of brisket and pickles from 2nd Ave Deli. They have two locations (neither of which are on 2nd Avenue anymore), and one of them happens to be right in my new neighborhood! 

I woke up one morning in a daze thinking that my brother and mom were discussing cole slaw on sandwiches, and I thought they were planning to head over to this Jewish Kosher joint (they really weren't). When I was actually awake and suggested heading there to my brother, he was more than ecstatic to join me (he loves his Kosher food). 

We ordered a twin double on rye, which was half a pastrami and half a corn beef sandwich. My brother also insisted on getting the SQUARE potato knish (the difference is that the round one is baked, and the square one is fried), which was probably the best potato product I've ever eaten. 

We slathered both sandwiches with mustard, and both were very satisfying, though my brother prefers Katz's pastrami more, for they offer a "marbled" option. Look at that pastrami!

After your meal, they also provide a complimentary chocolate soda shot, which was perfect because it just left me yearning for more.  

Because we sat at the bar (and avoided the LONG wait), we were situated right in front of boxes of rainbow cookies and rugelach. I couldn''t resist the rainbow cookies and bought a box home. I can't wait to go back for another knish, a towering sandwich, and my chocolate shot! 

2nd Ave Deli
162 E 33rd St  
New York, NY 10016

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I wish everyone happy eating in 2012!

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