Thursday, September 8, 2011

Momofuku Noodle Bar

Hello everyone! Sorry for the long break, but new school year means starting afresh, and seeing as I'm in graduate school studying nutrition, it only makes sense for me to once again begin blogging.

So what's new? Not much... I'm still eating out a lot. I have been cooking a lot more and have been trying to run more regularly (If only it would stop raining in New England...).

Recently in New York, I noticed that noodle bars are becoming increasingly popular, and I have visited quite a few. Among the popularity ranks is Momofuku Noodle Bar, a Korean owned shop with wooden interiors located on First Avenue near 10th Street. David Chang also has several other spots including the Ssam Bar, Milk Bar, Ma Peche, and Momofuku Ko.

Momofuku Noodle Bar is quite a hot spot at dinner times, and is easier to attain a table at lunch when the wait isn't 2 hours. I've been back twice for lunch since my initial dinner try for two reasons: lychee soju slushee and pork buns.

The pork buns are incomparable. One of the reasons being that perhaps it is made with the fattiest piece of pork belly the chefs could get their hands on. But other than that, it is prepared with traditionally Peking Duck ingredients: steamed bun, sweet sauce, scallions, and cucumbers. I promise you, one bite and you will be convinced. The seared pork literally melts in your mouth.

My brother is a HUGE foie gras fan, so of course we had a try. It was seared well and served with an Asian twist, paired with sweet daikon radish on the side.

The noodles, however, were quite disappointing. I ordered the thick buckwheat noodle, while my brother had the ramen. The broth was unmemorable and for the price and the line, I would rather go somewhere else (reminds me of Ippudo, who equally served overpriced noodles that were not worth the wait along with unimpressive pork buns).

The other two times I've been back at Momofuku, I also tried the following:
Chilled spicy noodles- served with sausage and made Sichuan style, meaning numbing spicy
Shrimp buns- instead of the pork, they put in a shrimp cake that was very well made and tasteful

All in all, it is a novel experience if you have never had Japanese styled ramen before, but there are probably cheaper and better choices around the corner on St. Mark's. However, I must say the lychee soju slushees definitely leave me craving to return.

Momofuku Noodle Bar
171 1st Avenue
New York, NY 10003

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  1. Pork buns and foie gras look amazing - Yum but extremely unhealthy. lol I am still searching for the perfect ramen, any other good suggestions besides Setagaya :( I went to Ippudo and it was definitely overpriced and unimpressive. One would think that a line like that would have awesome food. Anyway, the design of the store was definitely very creative and it is cool that they serve customers with different bowls. cool idea!