Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Egg in a hole!

For my last college spring break, I had the pleasure of travelling to Miami, Florida with a few of my best friends from Tufts. We spent our afternoons strolling across Lincoln Road to Ocean Drive and we spent most of our nights meandering Collins Avenue or wasting away on our balcony that had the perfect view of Downtown Miami. Honestly, we spent most of our mornings sleeping in or sprawled by the poolside, but on the special occasion when everyone is awake before lunchtime, we tried being economic and cooked our own breakfast. 

This breakfast venture was inspired by my great friend Nikki who gave me the basic instructions on how to create this simple meal. 

Eggs in a hole

1. First off, prepare your bread by cutting a hole in the middle. I found that the easiest way to do this was to press the rim of a shot glass into the slice, leaving a perfectly cut circle. 
2. Then, spread either slice of butter or a teaspoon of oil on a heated pan (about medium to high heat) to toast the bread. After the bread becomes slightly toasted, crack an egg into the hole. Season with some salt and pepper. Once that side of the bread is toasted and the egg is fried, flip the toast so the other side can cook. 
3.Take the egg in a hole out of the pan once once you cooked the egg to your desire, I prefer my yolk on the runny side to go with my toast. The photo below shows the difference between what the top and bottom of the egg in a hole should look like. 

To make this a more nutritious breakfast, when choosing breads, make sure the primary ingredients are whole grain or wheat. Furthermore, to make it a more interesting, you can serve it with a side of mixed greens with a dash of oil and basalmic vinegar. Or if anything, slice up a ripe tomato to go with the meal. I love whenever eggs are paired with tomatoes.

This takes less than five minutes to make, and is fun, simple, and delicious. Definitely need to remember this for future unexpected morning afters and nauseous hang-over days. Much easier and more visually impressive than serving an omelet. 


  1. Any creative ideas for the bread that you cut out?

  2. I actually toasted them as well and dipped them in the egg yolk!