Monday, January 3, 2011

Upcoming food trends

I thought this article on food trend predictions was quite interesting.

I thought macarons were a thing of 2006. But they are quite enjoyable and I definitely enjoy Payard's as well as La Maison du Chocolat's. ...and of course Laduree's is always a treat.

Less meat: I definitely think this is already happening. There are also a lot more vegetarian friendly places and options. My favorite vegetarian restaurant is actually Korean: HanGawi

Which brings me to the next prediction I found most interesting, the rise of Korean cuisine. More like Korean American, actually, because it's the popularity of the Kogi BBQ Truck and Kyochon. Regardless, Korean food has always been a favorite of mine. Korean barbecue is definitely the best type of barbecue.

Food halls: definitely a trend that I would not mind. Super convenient for lunch breaks! FoodParc just opened right across the street from me, and I've already been there twice last week. They have options ranging from spicy beef wontons to New York egg sodas. I hear a new one just opened up in Korean Town with seven different vendors. Can't wait to check it out!

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