Saturday, January 15, 2011

Adour by Alain Ducasse

Tonight I had the pleasure of dining at Alain Ducasse's Adour in the St. Regis Hotel on 5th Avenue. Simply, Alain Ducasse is a widely acclaimed French chef who holds multiple Michelin three star ratings for his restaurants.

My family each ordered the tasting menu, and honestly, it was a lot more enjoyable experience than Bouley, and I love Bouley. We were seated in a very private niche, and our waiter was super accommodating and knowledgeable.

As I mentioned earlier, I have a passion for bread. Their baguettes were fragrant and perfectly crispy on the outside. Also, they had the option of a brioche, which is one of my favorite baked goods. It was airy and flaky, but a bit on the buttery side and could be quite filling.

We all started with a shrimp consomme composed of a very refreshing broth with cucumbers, a single succulent shrimp, and a slice of sea urchin. Wonderful.

This was followed by a seared foie gras served with caramelized grapes, which was a great pairing.

Then we had seared diver scallops that were served with a special order of black truffles, which are just in season (white truffle season just ended). Very worth it. The sauce had a very distinct flavor that only comes with black truffles.

Our main course was a prime rib, which came with a surprise of bone marrow on the side. I couldn't finish even a quarter of my beef, for the bone marrow was very heavy. But all was good nonetheless.

With our main course came pommes souffle, Alain Ducasse's french fries, it was a light puff of potato. I've never had anything like it before. It was also made with truffle oil, and I couldn't stop eating it even though I was already stuffed.

Dessert was a layer of a crispy cake, chocolate ganache, topped with a dark chocolate mousse, a chocolate rice cracker, and a gold leaf.

With Ducasse's meals come a box of macarons, usually one per person. However, our waiter brought us a surprise of 7 more. Just because. The pink ones were raspberry and the white ones tiramisu.

Crispy almond shell on the exterior, and chewy filling on the inside. Great after dinner takeaway.

I highly recommend Adour! Stupendous dining experience with high scores for ambiance, service, and food quality.

2 East 55th Street
New York, NY 10022

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