Tuesday, January 25, 2011


As a college student, I unfortunately have to endure many late nights. And that means I get hungry. This past year, I have been very good at avoiding late-night buffalo chicken calzones or General Tso's chicken. Instead, I keep my pantry and fridge abundant with small bites.

Here are some snacks that I stock up on that I don't feel as guilty for eating:
Archer Farm's Multiseed Flatbread Crackers- this is probably not the most nutritious choice, but it is baked rather than fried, and for a cracker, this is very tasteful.

Fruit leathers- the adult Fruit Roll Up. I am a huge fan of fruit leathers and according to the box, it is 100% fruit puree with no additives, such as sugar. Furthermore, each strip has 1/2 a serving of fruit!

Luna Minis- as a snack, I find the Luna Minis more bearable than a full sized Luna bar. It is only 80 calories, and still contains a decent amount of protein, carbohydrates, and even fiber and calcium. Definitely a better choice than a chocolate or candy bar.

Clementines- I am obsesssed with clementines and can eat them all day. Clearly clementines contain vitamin C and fiber, and are a very refreshing treat. ($6-8 for a whole box that can last you 2 weeks. Perfect for dorming!)

GRANOLA- I have about three types of granola in my pantry right now. Sometimes when I have back to back afternoon classes, I mix a bag and bring it along with me to lecture. I ordered a customized granola from Me and Goji that contains banana chips and golden granola. Great granola with low sugar content. I am also a fan of Cascadian Farms granola. Granola can be a great snack because it contains high fiber content, but be careful! It can also have a lot of added sugar and be quite noisy to eat in class.

Toblerone- I know, this does not sound nutritious at all. And it really isn't. But if you really cannot stand Luna minis and need a chocolate kick, I think Toblerone is the way to go because you can always just rip off a small chunk and wrap the rest away. (I'm really good at this, but I know some people can't stop at one chunk, so try this at your own risk). Just make sure you buy the normal sized bars, and not the giant sized bars from Switzerland.

Rice Dream- For my lactose intolerance/sensitive consumers out there, I highly recommend trying Rice Dream. I had a phase where I thought I was consuming too much protein and fat from milk, so I tried soy. But it turned out I was allergic (so unfortunate, but no worries, only to American soy drinks), so I tried Rice Dream. Rice Dream is a rice drink that you can purchase enriched with calcium and vitamin D, and is usually only found in the organic aisles. Great milk replacement (unless you're on a budget).

For those with a fridge:
Blueberries- Really, any berries would do. I love just meandering to my fridge and grabbing a handful to shove into my mouth. But I wrote blueberries because I found those to be on sale most often at the local Shaw's.

Cheese- After living in France for a summer, I realized the perks of always having blocks of cheese in your fridge. Though a bit fatty, cheese is filling and contains calcium. Pluses in my book!

Fage yogurt- Fage is my favorite greek yogurt brand. At times I find normal yogurt too diluted or liquidy, so I prefer Greek yogurt. Go for the 2% Fage with honey (I don't think fat free is available yet), or you can buy a tub of Fage 0% fat and mix in your own toppings such as granola, dried fruit, or fresh blueberries.

Milk- Recently, whenever I head for the fridge, I instinctively pour myself a glass of milk. High protein, high calcium, and high satiety.

Hummus- Great alternative to chips and dip. Hummus is usually made with chickpeas and also serves as a high protein snack. Instead of using pita bread, you can improvise and use the previously mentioned flatbread crackers.

Enough for now. Time for some milk. And another clementine.

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