Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Bowls in Los Angeles

We got so much catching up to do.

Acai bowl and veggie empanada at Ubatuba

I've been going through some life transitions in the past few months, mostly picking up my life in New Orleans and moving it to Los Angeles. Let me ask you, do you know what it means to miss New Orleans? Though I can no longer get a shrimp po-boy, fried catfish, or cheesy grits whenever I want, there is quite an abundance of acai bowls, street tacos, and specialty desserts. It's not the belly filling soul warming comfort food that I got used to, but I can get used to this too.

My first pokebowl during my first week in Los Angeles from Sea Salt. Not
gonna lie, there's a bit of a learning curve for building the ultimate bowl!
Now I know to go for the grains + greens and of course ALL the toppings.

A gorgeous and delicious granola bowl at Republique. Highly recommend
brunch here. Everything from the mushroom toast to the shakshouka and
creamfilled doughtnut holes... I can't wait to come back.

Cava just came to Culver City, and it is my homie's favorite. It's a build your
own bowl Mediterranean style with so many veggie options! 

Accidentally stumbled upon my friend photographed in LA Downtowner, so
had to visit him at work for some Taiwanese street food. I will definitely be
back for Lao Tao's Rub a Belly braised pork belly bowl and oyster pancake.
Don't forget the limeade! 

And last but not least, the first thing I cooked in my new home! Of course
it's a shrimp fried rice bowl with garlic sauteed bok choy.

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