Monday, October 24, 2016

Cirque de Cuisine in the French Quarter

Juniper-citrus cured steelhead trout with pickled fennel, fermented mustard by Chais Delachaise

A few Sundays ago, I joined a self guided kitchen tour of the French Quarter hosted by the Southern Food and Beverage Museum: Cirque de Cuisine! It was a 4 hour extravaganza with 10 kitchen stops overflowing with wine and small bites. I am obviously always down for the food, but what made me really excited to join this tour was that I got to step inside so many French Quarter homes! I was pleasantly surprised, astounded, and impressed by the whole lot of them. Who knew how spacious some homes could be? Or how many artists lived in the quarter? If there wasn't a courtyard and a pool, there was most definitely a sweeping balcony. Local restaurants were stationed at each kitchen to provide mostly seafood and all delicious hors d'oeuvres-esque bites. There were lots of wine pairings, some refreshing cocktails, oh, and the kitchens were fancy, too. Highly recommend to anyone who is lucky enough to be visiting New Orleans when this event is hosted again! 

Cajun country gumbo with potato salad by Chef Paul Prudhomme's team

Egg yolk carpaccio, grilled shrimp, and crispy sweet potato with andouille vinaigrette by Brennan's

Blue crab cucumber cups with salmon roe by Trinity

Smoked scallop tostada with avocado puree and bergamot cream by Rebel Restaurant Group

Melted leek tart with chive sour cream and Louisiana caviar by Sucre

Fresh local oysters by Two Girls, One Shuck

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