Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A long weekend in Quebec

Customized poutine au poivre at Poutineville
Bonjour! I'm back in the south, but I spent half of last week way up north in Quebec, my favorite province in Canada. I took a ladies trip with my mom and my grandmother (though everyone thought my grandma was my mother and my mom and I were sisters), which means we stayed in ritzy hotels and did lots of eating. What else is new? 

For me, the best thing about Quebec is that everyone speaks French and the food is also heavily French inspired. I've been to Montreal before, an energetic city that is easily navigable. Showed my family the staples (poutine, foie gras, and bagels) and also had lots of French inspired seafood (dover sole meuniere, oysters mornay). It was all of our first times in Quebec City, which has the most charming architecture, giving it a small provincial town a la Beauty and the Beast vibe. For convenience, we did a lot of hotel dining, which came with endless smoked salmon, duck terrine, liver pate, and real Canadian bacon (very reminiscent of hong shao rou with maple syrup). Simply a wonderful weekend with lovely early autumnal views and feels. 

Up at Chalet du Mont Royal, Montreal behind me
Fresh bagels at St. Viateur in Mile End
Highlight: ricotta stuffed "strawberries" at Maison Boulud
Basilica Notre Dame in old Montreal
Duck patte atop crispy rice at the wildly inventive and solely locally sourced Légende

Chateau Frontenac of Quebec City
Breakfast buffet at Place Dufferin inside the Chateau Frontenac 
Highlight of the meal: poached foie gras at Panache
Shrimp salad and arctic char at Restaurant Légende
Side walk cafeing at The Smith
Quebec City from a helicopter!

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