Friday, November 13, 2015

Emeril's, New Orleans

Whenever a good friend comes to town, I do my homework and look up the best places to eat around New Orleans. After much speculation, my heart was set on trying Emeril's black truffle fried whole chicken for two and banana cream pie. My only problem was that my friend was treating me to dinner, so was it too much for me to pick to place and choose what we ate?

We show up to the restaurant, and I quickly find out that he's a fried chicken fan. I know, who isn't? But still, $60 for fried chicken is a lot of money! You think you know Emeril as that jovial chef of Food Network, but who knew about his classy side and vast interest in wine? Anyways, man was I on cloud 9 when I was eating the most buttery New Orleans style barbecue shrimp and rosemary biscuit waiting for this black truffle whole fried chicken.

The chicken arrived on a board with all the fixin's, including baked beans, fried corn, sweet potato salad, more rosemary biscuits and an arugula salad. The beans were sweet and homey and the fried corn not as good as it sounds. But man oh man that chicken. Boy was it juicy and tender and crispy and finger licking good! I can definitely eat it again right now if the world worked that way. Definitely recommend bringing friends and family here.

Oh, and the banana cream pie? Worth not eating that last piece of chicken for.

800 Tchoupitoulas Street
New Orleans, LA 

Epilogue: Emeril's fried chicken is great for leftover Sunday lunch as well! Though I must admit that I got the arugula to chicken ratio down better than he does. 

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