Monday, May 4, 2015

Pelican Bay, New Orleans

Is it socially acceptable to upload yet another fried chicken related post yet? Even if it's not, I have another one for you. On my days off, I like treating myself out to one of the many great restaurants in New Orleans. Today I decided to head to Pelican Bay, a sports bar, daquiri joint, and restaurant (complete with neon lighting) serving American/ New Orleans/ Soul food. You know, only the best combinations of American cuisine.

I just wanted a hot southern meal today. so I headed over to Elysian Fields to check out Pelican Bay. I forgot where I read to eat here, but it was next on my list to check out. Glancing at their menu, it's bar fare with a Southern touch. There are wings, burgers, finger foods, and dips. But now there is also a home cooked meals section as well as specials. Today's specials included chicken and waffles, chicken and grits, and shrimp and grits. I really try to not eat fried chicken too often, but it was meant to be.

I got the fried chicken (dark meat) with their creamy cheesy grits, garlic buttered biscuit, and spinach collards. I don't know how I did it because I really was planning to bring half of it home, but I ate the whole thing. The fried chicken thigh was juicy and fried well done with only a light batter, making it extra crispy. I also ordered their house made Auntie Eddie's iced pound cake. It was served with a generous drizzle of strawberry sauce and that I actually had to bring home to enjoy. But man is that pound cake good. When was the last time you had fresh baked pound cake?? It was dense, buttery, and sweet. MmMmm! I promise you can't just take one bite.

Will definitely come here another meal during a game day! ..did I just find the best sports bar food ever?

Pelican Bay
1701 Elysian Fields Avenue
New Orleans, LA

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