Sunday, May 6, 2012

Xinh Xinh, Boston

I must say that out of all the Vietnamese restaurants I have eaten at in Boston, Xinh Xinh is my favorite. Le's and Pho Pasteur are solid, but this hole in the wall that I have walked passed countless times offers quality Viet food without the hype or the wait, though I noticed that it is not a purely Vietnamese restaurant because they also offer a lot of Chiu Chow choices (making it even better!). Despite the fact that I severely burned my tongue the first time I was there, it was so worth it that I had to go back.

Bun bo hue

I burned my tongue on an unassuming bowl of bun bo hue, beef and pig trotter in a spicy noodle soup. There is a nice layer of hot (temperature and flavor) oil that came with the soup that can only explained in one of two ways: 1. the chef was too lazy to remove the excess fat and oil from his soup base 2. it was meant to preserve the temperature of the soup and the noodles as you ate it. Either way, I burned the hell out of my tongue and it was the most delicious noodle soup I have ever had in a Vietnamese restaurant. However, it only came with one piece of pig trotter. Unfortunate.

Not only is the food completely satisfying, but their music choice is superb. The first time I went there, I enjoyed my noodles listening to some Daft Punk. This time around, I spent my lunch jamming to Savage Garden, O*Town, and other feel good singalong tunes of the late 90's to early 2000's. If you don't go there for the noodles, go there for the DJ.

Perfect for: pre-theater meals, cold nights, and rainy afternoons. So if you're looking for a great Vietnamese meal and a mind blowing musical trip, head to Xinh Xinh.

Xinh Xinh
7 Beach Street
Boston, MA 02111

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