Friday, May 18, 2012

Gracie's, Providence

En route back to New York City earlier this week, I visited my cousin James in the quaint city of Providence, where he is attending the not so humble Brown University. He brought me and my mother to his favorite restaurant, Gracie's, a farm to table experience, providing American inspired cuisine influenced by seasonal local availability. 

We all decided to try the 5-course chef tasting menu. I wish I took notes because each description of the courses were an elaborate tale of a dozen ingredients and flavors. But, take my word for it, the delicately sized portions were a symphony of colors, textures, and tastes, and if I were to return to Providence, I would not hesitate to dine at Gracie's again. 
1. The bread basket. There was unlimited offerings of a raisin walnut bread, a classic baguette, an onion rosamary foccacia, and my personal favorite, the honey beer. The honey beer was so soft and fluffy, and so carefully glazed with sweet honey. I had approximately five slices of bread before the second course arrived. No big deal. 
2. With the lamb course, came a few balls of falafel. This was arguably the best falafel I have ever had in my life. It was crispy on the outside, nicely mashed and textured on the inside, and overall thoroughly spiced to perfection. Amazeballs. 
3. I'm totally over macarons, but these macarons were great because they weren't so sweet that it stung my throat. And even better? They were a complimentary post-dessert treat. Quelle magnifique!

1. lobster salad with squid ink aioli

2. rabbit ragout potato gnocchi

3. seared scallops with over pea stew and ham emulsion

3.5. raspberry lemon sorbet

4. lamb duo: sausage and belly
5. apple bread over honey vanilla panna cotta with rosemary salted caramel

5.5. complimentary macarons.. the best way to end a meal 
194 Washington Street  
Providence, RI 02903

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