Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Asellina at the Park Avenue Gansevoort

Have you ever had such a satisfying meal that you just feel your dopamine reactors setting off and having a field day? For some reason you're just smiling and having the greatest time sharing a meal with good company. This happened to me at Asellina when I was visiting home from Boston. 

Asellina is located at the Park Avenue Gansevoort and has a dining area with mostly wooden furnishings and high ceilings. It gives off a very comfortable, spacious, yet warm vibe. 

We started with the assorted house pastries which weren't too visually appealing, but they all had perfect texture and flavors. 

But what really made my day was the wood-fired eggs. It is cooked with tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella cheese (which was not stated in the description, but it was the best thing to happen to me that morning) served with carasau bread. 

My mother ordered the egg white frittata which was nice and light, exactly as it should be, made with asparagus, dried tomatoes, and basil. 

My brother had the poached eggs with cheese fonduta and black truffle, a bit of a lighter eggs benedict. This was probably the weakest choice, and a bit flavorless compared to the wood-fired eggs. 

Maybe it was the coffee, maybe it was the cheese, or maybe it was New York. Whatever it was, I was a very happy camper and this is my new favorite neighborhood brunch locale (I refuse to wait in line for Penelope's.) 

...why haven't I been here for dinner yet?? 

Ristorante Asellina
420 Park Avenue South  
New York, NY

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