Wednesday, November 30, 2016

New York, New York it's a wonderful town!

Visiting home is always such a delight. In recent years, I've realized that Thanksgiving is my family's holiday. We take Thanksgiving to the next level. Not only is there a roast pig, but there are sides galore. This year we had macaroni and cheese, skillet corn bread, green bean casserole, jambalaya, roasted corn salad, maple mashed yams, and endless pie and cheesecake. The entire weekend is a gluttonous ordeal of parading Peking ducks, dancing dim sum carts, and cascading cheese plates. The following photos do not even begin to do my digestive system justice. It was sure put to work this past week. Ever so grateful for my lovely restaurant dependent parents and generous friends, sharing meals would not be the same without y'all!

It all started at the Union Square Greenmarket

Herb foccacia at NoMad
Homemade bagel brunch on point

Happy Thanksgiving! Roast pig for all! 
Black Friday leftovers party, Chinese edition feat. Popeye's turkey

Sea bream at Milo's, now serving 3-course $29 lunch prefixe!

Amazing yogurt martini at Milo's

Spotted at the (original JP) Morgan Library 

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