Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Big news! I am finally a Registered Dietitian! That's right. I'm a legitimate nutritionist now. I was going to do a post on fried chicken to celebrate (just kidding! But if you're interested, check out here, here, or here), but I decided instead to feature my favorite meal of the day: breakfast. Hope this provides you with some inspiration on how to build a balanced plate for the most important meal of the day... besides second breakfast, of course.

Peanut butter on raisin bread with avocado and sliced nectarine

Folded cherry tomato omelette over arugula with an English muffin

Peanut butter cinnamon banana whole wheat toast

Veggie omelette, avocado arugula toast, and grapefruit slices

Cherry tomato scrambled eggs, whole wheat English muffin, and chicory coffee

Everything bagel with arugula, mashed avocado, and cherry tomatoes

Fresh basil pesto on English muffin, plain omelette, and sliced yellow tomato

Cherry tomato omelette over arugula, raisin bread, sliced nectarine

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