Monday, April 27, 2015

Cibo, New Orleans

I'm from New York. And that means I need Italian food (and Jewish food and Korean food and Japanese food and Indian food...) on the regular to keep me happy. I went to elementary school in an Italian neighborhood, so pizza, Italian icees, garlic knots, and lots of pasta is a big part of what I grew up eating. And though New Orleans does have some Italian roots, there really isn't an Italian culinary scene down here.

I had to do some searching to find an Italian restaurant that was neither too American nor too New Orleans nor too modern. I was set on checking out Vincent's on St. Charles, only to realize that of course it was open only for dinner on Sundays. Not surprised, but definitely disappointed. Was very excited to try sauteed oysters with green onions, garlic, and olive oil over angel hair pasta. So I went for a drive up South Carrollton and parked on Oak Street. I was about ready to give up and just go for a basic cold sandwich from a coffee shop, when I turned the corner and saw the familiar colors of the Italian flag and CIBO in big letters. Cibo means food in Italiano, so this place besta be stocked with some Italian goodness.

Turns out that Cibo is more like an Italian deli, offering a selection of subs with bread straight from New York made by guys straight from New York. I was leaning towards a meatball sub, but was convinced to try their popular chicken parmesan. I of course also had to order the caprese salad, which was served over a bed of arugula and made with this delicious and a little smoky fresh mozzarella. I added broccoli rabe to my chicken parm (sorry I'm not sorry I'm addicted to vegetables), which was flavorful and served on perfectly toasty crispy bread. Really all my favorite ingredients in a meal: mozzarella, arugula, olive oil, and broccoli rabe.

Now I know exactly where to hit up whenever I'm craving a meatball/ chicken parm/ eggplant parm sub!

1114 South Carrollton Avenue
New Orleans, LA

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