Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Crawfish Festival. New Orleans

Over the weekend when Shannon visited New Orleans, we drove out to St. Bernard Parish to check out the annual crawfish festival. We both love our seafood and grew up roadtripping to Maryland together for blue crabs, so it makes sense that she spent her vacation with me eating boiled seafood in Louisiana. 

Working at the restaurant, I've had a lot of guests ask me what crawfish exactly is and also how to eat it. You want the down and dirty? First you rip off the head and suck out the juices. Then you massage the body/tail up and down a little before making a break down the belly of the mudbug. Then you squeeze the tail, pull out the meat and enjoy the little bugger. That easy. Don't forget the corn on a cob! It really might be my favorite part. 

The Crawfish Festival was an ordeal. It was the physically the largest festival I've been to, and it was really more like a carnival. Definitely a friendly family event that I would recommend to everyone (thought the crawfish was honestly probably 3x the usual price and you had to pay a $5 admission). There was plenty of carnival games, rides, and food available. Who knew you could get chicken, shark, and alligator on a stick all from the same vendor? 

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