Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Theo's Cozy Corner, Boston

In celebration of the FIFA World Cup (Go Neymar!), I’m going to share with you this Brazilian gem snuggled in Boston’s North End, Theo’s Cozy Corner. It’s only opened until 3pm and most people go there for weekend brunch and homefries, but really those people are noobs for not venturing on to the Brazilian menu. 

What you have to try at Theo’s is their house special muqueca, a tomato and coconut milk based boneless fish stew that is slow cooked in a terra cotta pot. It’s flavorful, aromatic, and Theo’s portion seems like a never ending tub. We ordered ours with shrimp and it went perfectly with rice. I’ve also had the stew at Muqueca out on Cambridge Street in Somerville, and I must admit that Theo’s does it better. We also had steak and onions, which came with a heaping bowl of beans, and garlic shrimp which were large and succulent. Definitely get there early because it gets crowded and keep in mind that it’s cash only.

Theo's Cozy Corner

162 Salem Street
Boston, MA 

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