Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday's Grocery

From the makers of Yardbird comes Sunday's Grocery, a "casual" corner store concept with everything ranging from import frying pans to overtly hipster magazines to an absurdly wide range of nice Japanese whiskeys. Despite the distracting random assortment of goods and the fact that we had to sit on crates to enjoy our meal outside the adjacent building, the food was absolutely delicious. 

Between three people, we shared the original fried chicken Sunday special, a roast pork sandwich, a bahn mi, market chips, and veggie sticks. 
  • The fried chicken was all dark meat and fried with a thin layer of batter. It was satisfyingly juicy, though I wish it were cooked just a tad longer so that the cartilage would come off easily. 
  • The roast pork sandwich was tender fatty pork slices topped with Kewpie mayo between crispy bread, reminiscent of a thin Cuban loaf. 
  • However, it was easily overshadowed by the chicken bahn mi that was bursting with flavor. Num Pang, step aside, because Sunday's Grocery has got the bahn mi game down strong. It's prepared with Yardbird's liver mousse and the necessary pickled vegetables. Seriously, I would trek all the way back to Sai Wan just for another piece of this bahn mi. 
  • The market chips were basically fresh Terra chips, which are the best, so no complaints. 
  • And finally, the veggie sticks were fresh cucumbers, daikon, and carrots that I chose to pair with a miso sauce. 
All in all, I was pretty surprised with the quality of everything I tried given the random location and its grocery store front. But if you want a solid sandwich, it's worth the 30 minute $2.30 tram ride.  

Pro tip: grab a box of matches on your way out. 

Sunday's Grocery
66-68 Catchick Street
Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

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