Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hong Kong Station

Hong Kong Station's moment of fame coincided closely with Jeremy Lin's stardom on the New York Knicks. During Linsanity, local Chinese would flock to HK Station to watch Knicks games whenever they were on. Every time the Knicks played, HK Station would be filled to the brim with fans of all ages. Though Jeremy Lin is gone, the televisions are still tuned in to sports channels (the owner is a huge sports fan himself), and if you ever need a place to catch the game and a cheap meal, Hong Kong Station would be a fine choice.

Hong Kong Station is known for their 車仔麵, also know as "cart noodles." Basically, you get to pick and choose from a variety of noodles and toppings to make your own personal creation. Hong Kong Station has the usual favorites, such as beef tendon, beef brisket, spicy fish balls, and beef balls, as well as many other choices such as pig intestines, tofu wraps, Chinese broccoli, mushrooms, and daikon radish. Their noodles come in a great variety as well, and you can choose from instant noodle/ramen (everyone's favorite), egg noodles, thin noodles, udon, rice noodles, and more. After you make your selection, it's topped with their house broth and a scallion and garlic topping. 

However, to be honest, I don't really go to HK Station to eat their noodles. They're great, but their other Hong Kong goodies are even better. My brother's favorite is the spam and egg sandwich. I know it sounds weird, but I promise it's a breakfast staple on that island! 

And when I want soup but not all the meat or carbs to go with it, I just get the fish paste with Chinese lettuce in soup and the ultimate guilty pleasure, fried fish skin. This may sound even weirder, but you just dip the fried fish skin the broth ever so slightly before you eat it. This way, the fish skin absorbs the flavor in the broth while maintaining its crunchy texture. Or you can soak it all the way through like my mom does or just eat the fish skin by itself like crisps, which I sometimes do. (I know, I'm disgusting). 

A final recommendation is the "dai pai dong" rice noodles. This is an innovative creation using very simple ingredients: rice noodles, typical sauces such as HK style sweet sauce and sesame paste, sesame seeds, some hot sauce, scallions, and egg. I promise you this is addictive and a great twist to a breakfast/snack that I grew up eating. 

And just a heads up, the HK Station on Division Street just obtained its beer/wine license, so head over there to get some noodles, throw some darts, and enjoy a few beers while catching a game! 

My personalized "cart noodle" with spicy fish balls, beef tendon,
and Chinese lettuce served with instant noodles! 

A spam and egg sandwich with an iced Ribena with lemon on the side

Close up of the delicious spam and egg sandwich

A cup of iced Chinese herbal tea, a plate of fried fish skin, and a bowl of
fish paste with Chinese lettuce

"Dai pai dong" rice noodles
Final note: This place serves the most consistently delicious Hong Kong milk teas in New York Chinatown. Definitely come here if you're looking for a taste of the ex-British colony. 

Hong Kong Station
45 Bayard Street
New York, NY 10013

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