Saturday, November 10, 2012

Wien, Austria

It certainly has been awhile since I've posted about my travels, but now that the Nor'easter has implanted thoughts of the imminent winter in us, I couldn't help but reminisce upon the last time I experienced such bitter cold temperatures.

Things I did not know before coming to Vienna:
1. Wiener = Viennese
2. They speak German. (Don't judge me.) 
3. There's a LOT more to the Habsburgs than Marie Antoinette. 

Vienna is the capital of Austria, and being the primary workplace of Mozart, it is now still most famous for the arts, for there is a rich collection of museums and concert halls. The streets are wide, the walkways pristine, and the Habsburg influence prominent. And just as importantly, their cuisine is hearty and their beers full-bodied. Having a freshly made schnitzel with a cold beer will warm anyone up from a brisk day outside. And though it may seem like there is a lack of youth culture or even young people walking on the streets during the day, an unexpected night at an underground drum and bass club will surely change your perception of Viennese culture. Though I was only in this city in passing, there is so much more here for me to explore, that I can only hope to visit again soon! 

In the middle of Stephansplatz

The immense silver wear collection of the Habsburgs 

Ottakringer beer

Yes, we all ordered Wiener schnitzel with potato salad. 

Mozart memorial grave at the Habsburg garden

Wurst on sauerkraut

Stuffed cabbage with sour cream

Habsburg Palace

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