Monday, October 15, 2012

Things to do this fall: cider donuts, pumpkin picking, and hot chocolate

Fine, I realize that I've posted about both these places before, but they are the perfect locales to visit during this blustery fall season. 

The pumpkin patch at Smolak

I went to Smolak Farms again for some late apple picking. Usually by early October, all the apples are gone and the pumpkins are in. However, they were still letting visitors venture into their orchards to pick the last few apples on the very top of their trees (I honestly couldn't reach more than 80% of the apples). Despite the challenges, I managed to get a full peck! (20-25 apples... did you know that?) 

But let's be real. The reason why I returned to Smolak was because the last time I was visited, their apple cider doughnuts were sold out, which I attribute to their recent selection as best cider doughnuts on the North Shore. But because 'tis the season, the doughnuts are back by the hoards. There was an endless supply of them, and you could find them at every register and stand at the farm. I got myself the original Apple Cider Donuts, which are covered in cinnamon sugar and spice, but they also have powdered sugar or plain options. They come in 6 packs for $6, and they're $10 a dozen on their website if you want them delivered. Dip 'em in their hot apple cider, and you're golden. 

Note: They also have seasonal festivities such as haystack rides (currently Peter Pan themed to promote their on-site drama production) and hot apple sundaes!

Where the doughnuts are made

Apple Cider Donut

Selections from their gift shop

Victor and Michael enjoying the wild life at Smolak

Apple picking with Dan, Urey, and  Victor!

Michael the juggler from Middlebury
Smolak Farms
315 South Bradford Street  
North Andover, MA 01845

My order ticket/ cocoa bean shell!

I finally got a chance to sit down for some hot chocolate and cake at L.A. Burdick ! There were lots of people in there, per usual, but Michael and I managed to snag a cozy table and enjoy some of their treats.

I ordered their famous dark blend hot cocoa, which is pretty much pure melted chocolate with what seems like a touch of steamed milk. It was plenty rich, and I must say I'm glad I went no more than a small. To balance out the richness, I went for their raspberry tart, which is a glorious flaky tart with a custard layer and mashed raspberries served with a thick whipped cream. I highly recommend that one. I almost didn't even get it because I wanted to stick with their chocolate goods! Speaking of chocolate goods, I had to have their Burdick cake again. The layers of japonaise biscuit and rum ganache seriously gets me going. 

All that plus a large latte set me back a good $17, but they're so worth it. I've been thinking of this hot cocoa date ever since I first set my mouth on their Burdick cake. Seriously drool worthy. 

Raspberry tart

Burdick cake

Hot cocoa

L.A. Burdick
52-D Brattle Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

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