Friday, March 16, 2012

Abigail's, Cambridge

I rarely venture out to Kendall, but I went out to dinner with my new friend Michael who currently resides there, and he brought me out to Abigail's for a quick dinner. Abigail's opened up less than a year ago and offers a comfortable dining area with warm lighting and wooden furnishings. 

We started with the night's appetizer special of razor clams in a buttery garlic wine sauce with sausage. (Really, if you go wrong with that sauce, there is no saving you.) Needless to say, I found myself dipping every last crust and crumb of the toasted bread in the garlicky goodness. You don't see razor clams on menus much, so this was a treat. 

For entrees, I ordered smoked lamb sandwich with babaganoush, spicy yogurt, arugula, and pickled red onion on a ciabatta. It was a good sandwich, but I wish the lamb wasn't leaking with juice. My plate was soaked upon my first bite, and it took away from all the other flavors and made the ciabatta a bit soggy after awhile (Landmarc is still my favorite place for a lamb sandwich). Michael ordered BBQ'd brisket with a fried egg on a grilled sesame bun, which was very well flavored and tender; great comfort food choice. We also had a side of brussel sprouts (my favorite) with pancetta. 

Abigail's is definitely an inviting locale that I can see locals visiting time and time again. Hopefully with the warm weather, I'll find myself enjoying their outdoor patio seating soon. And looking at the menu again, I wish I ordered a gouda fries with chicken gravy. 

Razor clams with sausage

Lamb sandwich 

Brussel sprouts with pancetta and BBQ' brisket sandwich

291 3rd Street
Cambridge, MA 02142

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