Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sullivan Street Bakery

I don't know how my parents always find the best places and things to eat in New York City, but I'm not complaining. This morning, I get a wake up call from my mom asking if I want a doughnut for breakfast. My instinctive answer, "Uhhm, ew, no." Okay, I realize doughnuts are quintessentially part of the American breakfast block, but fried sweet dough first thing in the morning just doesn't sound too appetizing (yay, nutrition school!). However, my mother told me I will only get to eat this once a year because we needed to bring our car in for her annual inspection, and this particular bakery just so happens to be close by. Meaning, they were both out of the way in the depths of Hell's Kitchen. 

My mom returns with a bag of baked goods exclaiming how she just spent $50 on doughnuts. It's still pretty early in the morning and I unpack the goods, realizing that it's from Sullivan Street Bakery. I've read about this place a few times including a piece in New York Magazine, listing the below photographed vanilla cream bombolonis as the best doughnuts in Manhattan.  

The bomboloni was very light and airy and the vanilla cream inside offered  a nice touch of sweetness. It's definitely a very traditional take on what I think a doughnut should taste like, but I can tell you it probably won't satisfy your sweet tooth if you're expecting something similar to the Doughnut Plant's. Today's seasonal doughnut was apple filling, which reminded me of apple sauce. 

My mom also purchased some other breads including one that had pieces of ham and crusted cheese coat that was very aromatic and a danish-type bread with blackberry and a sweet crumble. 

I think what I enjoyed most were their pizzes. They're very thin crust squares with different toppings including funghi, zucchini, and cauliflower. The choice and generous use of ingredients worked very well with the crispy crust. 

Overall, if I was in the neighborhood, I would definitely go back for more. At $3 a doughnut and $3.50 a slice, the prices are definitely steeper than an average breakfast, but the ingredients and quality are definitely worth it. My mom came back home later that afternoon with two paninis prepared with equally satisfying pane. 

Sullivan Street Bakery
533 West 47th St # 1
New York, NY 10036


  1. They look quite delicious. I would love to have just one donut for breakfast. Definitely too early for pizza. But $3 for a donut is a little steep. They must be really good for that price. I would certainly like to try it.

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