Saturday, April 30, 2016


sweet potatoes and fresh greens on flax seed bread

I'm starting a movement. It's nothing new, it's just to help everyone rethink a meal. You can eat wholesomely satisfying delicious food that just happens to be earth friendly and vegetarian. Being with a vegan, I've learned to be more creative with traditional recipes while trying to balance all the food groups. Give it whirl; meat doesn't have to be part of every meal! I promise you'll feel lighter and livelier after a few days. I personally try to practice being vegetarian on every new moon and full moon and at least for one meal a day. Challenge yourself, feel better, live more colorfully :) 

Apple slices, cinnamon sprinkle, and peanut butter scoops

brown rice and quinoa with lima beans and broccoli

Mango freeze at Jazz Fest

Cherry tomato and basil spaghettini

Boiled vegetables from Tulane's Crawfest

4/20 celebration

Herb spiced tumeric popcorn

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