Friday, February 5, 2016

Willa Jean, New Orleans

Willa Jean's King Cake

It's Mardi Gras season! And with that comes endless amounts of King Cake! With so many bakeries in town making such a variety of flavors, no doubt that newcomer Willa Jean would have their own very unique twist.

I went to the new bakery /restaurant by John Besh last weekend for an early brunch (it gets too crowded on the weekends at actual brunch time) and saw their decadent King Cake in the window. Not only is it covered with salted caramel, it's filled with bananas and marscapone and topped off with gold flakes -- fit for any royalty. The slice they brought to the table was gargantuan, but justified when I saw I was charged $10 for it. It was a touch too sweet for my taste, and King Cake purists would simply brush it off as not King Cake, but it was nice and flaky and very filled. Not a King Cake I would go for year after year, but I must say that I'm glad I tried it!

As for their regular menu, Willa Jean has a list of biscuit entrees that are worth trying. Since their opening week, they have most definitely refined their recipe to a wonderfully golden brown, flaky, buttery biscuit. Have it with the fried chicken or as a breakfast sandwich! For sure a crowd pleaser.
I like bringing guests who are in town here when we have to get an early breakfast. The seating is ample and the ceilings are high. They also serve fancy coffee that would please any New Yorker and have a temptingly mouthwatering bakery selection.

Chicken biscuit

Eggs in purgatory 

Willa Jean
611 O'Keefe Ave.
New Orleans, LA

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