Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What I ate in New York

Pears: the other autumnal fruit | 97th Street Greenmarket

It's been a roller coaster ride for the past few months: graduation, an impromptu trip to Hong Kong and China, flying back and forth from New Orleans every other week, studying for the certification exam, becoming a registered dietitian, unemployment, endless cover letters and interviews, a shingles scare, and finally getting a job. Luckily I booked a trip back to New York (again) last week to celebrate my family's birthdays, so I was able to have a relaxing final vacation home before starting real life. Yup, that serious. Here are highlights from some of the wonderful things I ate in my hometown!

No trip to NY is complete without pizza | Marta

And you know this city never sleeps only because of its coffee infatuation | La Colombe
I was fooled by its cuteness | Paris Baguette
Nothing says fall like an heirloom tomato salad | Marta

The breakfast of champions for longevity | Hop Shing

Meatballs and a chewy crust; bliss | Nick's Pizzabar

Breakfast sandwiches are always worth waking up for | Clover Delicatessen 

When I die, bury me in a parmesan crust | Basta Pasta

Cold afternoons are for making sweet sticky rice balls with grandma

Can you name all the colors of the season? | Union Square Greenmarket

When you're full af but dessert is sticky toffee cake | Park Avenue Autumn

I'll admit it; I'm spoiled and blessed | Limani

Linguini in white clam sauce: classic | Basta Pasta

How much is that bagel in the window? | Tal Bagel

Baked eggs with homemade marinara sauce for breakfast because I can | Vic's

Too much hype | Ippudo

Best slice / parting slice / A1 since day 1 | Joe's Pizza

But alas, nothing beats a home cooked meal 

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  1. Home cooking always taste the best because with the ingredient of love.