Friday, September 25, 2015

Domenica, New Orleans

I bet you weren't expecting a pizza post now that I'm living in New Orleans. But this is more than just a pizza post; this is also a happy hour post. I thought I found my favorite happy hour at Lüke a few months ago, where there are 75c raw oysters every afternoon, but now I got a new one: Domenica. Also owned by John Besh, Domenica is located inside the Roosevelt and dishes out half off artisan pizzas on the daily (2-5pm). Thank you Mr. Besh, for making happy hours that much happier.

Senai and I started a lunch club mid summer, where we would try to find the best lunch specials around town. It's not too difficult a task, but finding the best deals and dining with style is a bit more challenging. So in swoops Domenica with its fluffy pizza crusts and fancy toppings, completely sweeping the classy yet cheap eats category. We try to order something different every time, but I think we already found the clear winners. 
  • Must try: Clam - if you like linguini in white clam sauce, you will most definitely love this pie. Parmesan, clams, roasted garlic, and white wine sauce all atop the soft baked crust. I've never had anything like it before. 
  • Meat needers : Smoked Pork - ample amounts of pork with red onions, peppers, and salsa verde. Don't forget to dip the crust in lots of olive oil! 
  • Red sauce traditionalists: Calabrese - sometimes you just need something more familiar. This pizza comes with tomato and mozzarella as well as very flavorful spicy salami, capers, and olives. 
If you go with two other people, you just need two pies and a few beers to make it a full meal. If it's just a pair of you, order two and take an entire pie home for later! At $10 a person, it's so worth it. 

123 Baronne Street
New Orleans, LA

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