Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cowbell & Port of Call, Burgers in New Orleans

After much discussion about where to get the best burgers in New Orleans, I dropped by Cowbell for their organic grass fed beef burger. I was never really a french fry person, so I opted for a side of mixed vegetables instead, which were so garlicky and delicious. The burger I must’ve finished in about a few minutes because I was starving and it was hitting the spot. I used all the homemade ketchup and tried to take it easy with their a-go-go sriracha mayo aioli. Their grilled potato bun is definitely A1. Definitely a solid burger, but I must say their veggie side stood out more because of how flavorful and fragrant it was. 

I went back to Cowbell a second time recently and ordered what more than enough people have told me was their favorite macaroni and cheese in New Orleans. It's a creamy decadent lobster mac and cheese that was indeed quite delicious, though I must admit I prefer Capdeville's truffle macaroni and cheese as my favorite in the city. Again, definitely order a side of their garlicky herby veggie of the day and enjoy this all with their unsweetened mango iced tea. 

8801 Oak Street
New Orleans, LA


Sometimes you just need a burger fix. Last week before I headed to my night job, I biked over to Esplanade to finally try Port of Call. It's an established divey French Quarter institution known for hefty burgers and large cocktails. All burgers are half pound cooked to your liking and served with a big baked potato. I had the mushroom cheeseburger medium rare with chives and butter on my baked potato. And I ate it all. It was no Paul's, but this will do for my home away from home. 

Tip: They only seat when your whole party is present. I'd bring only a friend or two and grab seats at the bar! 

Port of Call
838 Esplanade Avenue
New Orleans, LA 

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