Wednesday, February 4, 2015

King Cake Festival, New Orleans

Last week I went to the second annual King Cake Festival in Champion's Square (I haven't been able to write about it until now because I'm still recovering from King Cake overdose.). It was the perfect event to bring Dave and Janice because it was such a New Orleans event to attend. An entire festival dedicated to a local food, complete with live music right down the steps from the Superdome.

At the King Cake Festival, we bought 10 tickets to sample the goods. My overall favorite? Haydel's, for sure. Randazzo's had too much icing, Cartozzo's was just sprinkles... Haydel's was a perfectly soft yet flaky cinnamon interior topped with a sweet glaze. Other bakeries had many creative flavors and interpretations. There were quite a few doughnut options and savory choices including a muffaletta king cake, a maple bacon glazed, and even a king cake burger. For a healthier choice that's still just as delicious but only a third of the usual calories, Girls Gone Vegan Bakery has one made with brown rice and almond flour with a cashew icing.

Oh, and what's that baby you found hidden in the King Cake? That’s the plastic baby Jesus found embedded in every cake. It is, afterall, eaten on the Festival of Kings, in celebration of when the three maji visited Jesus. And whoever is lucky enough to get the baby Jesus, well you’re responsible for bringing in the next King Cake. It really gets everyone into the Mardi Gras spirit!

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