Saturday, December 21, 2013

Lunch at Le Bernardin

Today is my birthday. Last year on this day, I also wrote a post about my birthday celebration the year before at Le Bernardin. That was the first time I ate at such a high end restaurant with my entire extended family, and it was needless to say a very memorable night that we still regularly refer to today. I had the luxury of revisiting Le Bernardin recently for lunch, and it was a much more low-key experience, and the perfect place for overdue get togethers and business gatherings. I must commend the staff for impeccable service and their knowledge of every dish and product that comes out of their kitchen. This is what you call proper training. Now on to the fishes...

The highlight of my meal was the creative spin on surf and turf. Who would want a steak and lobster when you can get a roasted bone marrow topped with sea urchin?  It's as mouthwatering as it sounds and even more delicious than it looks. It seriously is the best from the land paired with the very best from the sea. Nothing beats two totally different ingredients that are equally buttery, aromatic, and rich. Seriously the work of a master. 

We also ordered a baked red snapper a day in advance. This is prepared for a party of 2, but I do wish they did not fillet it for us because there is definitely so much leftover that we did not get to savor. Either way, it was simple and fresh. Exactly how seafood should be. It was served with an herb infused olive oil and a side of perfectly prepared roasted stewed vegetables. A meal cannot get more simple yet more elegantly complex. 

Please enjoy the photos, and I wish you a very merry holiday season! 

The very memorable bubbly plates

Compliments of the house: salmon tartar

The first page of the menu

This is why I love French restaurants. BREAD PARADISE.
Clockwise from top left: Sesame, poppy seed, sun dried tomato, baguette, focaccia, and pretzel

Surf&Turf: Roasted bone marrow and sea urchin
with pickled onions, capers, and bacon crisp

Ultra rare seared yellowfin tuna with marinated fennel, basil, and capers
Charred octopus "a la plancha" with green olive and black garlic
emulsion, sundried tomato sauce vierge
Whole baked red snapper in fresh herbes de Provence-salt crust

The filleted red snapper served with herb infused olive oil 

Crispy black bass with roasted shishitos and kabocha squash "ceviche
with Peruvian Chica sauce
Byaldi gratin

Dark chocolate parfait with candied Marcona almonds, dulce de leche, and milk sorbet
Le Bernardin 
155 W 51st Street
New York, NY

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