Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Green Street, Central Square

I think the decor was from its Caribbean restaurant days.

Everyone should note that the high rating this place gets is for the drinks, not the food. 

I've had a few of their signature cocktails here and I've enjoyed them all thoroughly. Their cocktail list is never ending, so if I were you I would just look at the short list instead of the full menu. This place has a loud atmosphere, so it's great for a drinking get together (though the bar space is very tight), but it's a bit unbearable for a sit down dinner. 

As for the food, it's a completely different story. Everything was extremely hit or miss. The entrees were overpriced, and though some of the ingredients were used in interesting ways, the execution was not as strong as I expected it to be. 

- gruyere fritters- these are the modern classier cousin of the jalapeno popper. It was served over this creamy heavy white sauce, which was delicious, but definitely made me a bit too full at the end. I would have preferred the sauce on the side. 
- grilled calamari- beautifully presented, but unfortunately undercooked. To make it more fragrant, the chef should have sliced and grilled them. Serving them whole left them over chewy. 

- duck confit- though this was an appetizer, I ordered it as an entree because I found all their main courses overpriced. The chef should take a few lessons from both French and Chinese chefs on how to prepare a duck leg because this one was overcooked and even on the burnt side. I would have complained, but it was so dark that I could not tell if it was perfectly seared or perfectly burnt. Either way, the meat came out way too tough for a confit. 
- Wellfleet clams fettucini - solid pasta option, albeit not too memorable. 

- broccoli rabe- were these steamed? Beside the occasional bits of salt, they were completely flavorless. Furthermore, whoever did the prep should learn how to cut the vegetables into more bite size pieces and to toss the overgrown thick stems. These were seriously the most unnecessarily tough vegetables I have eaten in awhile. 
- yuca fries- these were good, but I could not eat more than 2. Let me warn you, they are extremely starchy. 

- marscapone log- this was an interesting dessert. The log cake was not as spongy as you would expect. It was more sticky and the honey in the ice cream or the cake made it almost sickeningly sweet. 
- decaffeinated coffee- talk about stale coffee. It was clearly sitting on the burner for way too long. 

Please excuse the photo quality; it was extremely dark in there and I only had my iPhone. 

This review was first seen on Yelp.

Green Street
280 Green Street
Cambridge, MA

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